Since launching in 2010, Instagram has secured its place as a giant among social networks. Its user base jumped to 5 million just six months after appearing on the scene and has since grown to over 500 million as of June 2016.

Whether you write a blog, run a business or have an important story to share with the world, Instagram should be a vital part of your social media toolbox. Integrating your feed with your WordPress site increases engagement and draws more followers to your account. These five plugins allow you to create customized Instagram displays in an array of eye-catching layouts.

Enjoy Plugin for Instagram

If you want flexibility in where to display your Instagram photos, the Enjoy plugin has what you’re looking for. Using either carousel or grid mode, you can place photos from your Instagram profile or those with a particular hashtag in pages, in posts or on a slider. Choose the number of photos you wish to display at any given time and whether or not to include navigation buttons. Lightbox effects allow visitors to view larger images with just one click. The plugin is optimized for mobile, including a responsive layout and touch support.

Instagram Recent Photos Pro

This premium widget pulls in your recent Instagram photos and organizes them in a display using the parameters of your choice. Place the widget anywhere on your site and customize:

  • Image size
  • Image count
  • Column count
  • Lightbox settings

Using high-speed caching, Recent Photos Pro is able to display the best quality images without slowing down page load times.

Instagram Slider Widget

Sliders make it easy to catch the attention of the people who visit your WordPress site. These sequences of images create a dynamic display to keep site content fresh and interesting. With the Instagram Slider widget, you can put together an ever-changing collection of images from your Instagram account or with a particular hashtag. The widget pulls in either 12 or 18 photos depending on the display type you choose.

If you prefer a grid layout, Instagram Slider offers a thumbnail option to show the photos you specify. Customize how images are sorted to create the perfect display to complement your site’s layout and content.


Offering over 60 adjustable parameters and ten color schemes, the premium InstaShow plugin gives you superior control over how Instagram photos appear on your WordPress site. With InstaShow, you can:

  • Combine images from accounts, hashtags and URLs
  • Exclude sources as desired
  • Customize image size and grid size
  • Create a tailored user interface to enhance visitors’ interactions
  • Choose what information appears with image popups
  • Set custom colors to match your website

Visual Composer compatibility makes InstaShow usable with a variety of premium themes and flexible in where and how your photo collection is displayed.

Simply Instagram

Sometimes all you need is a basic plugin to showcase a group of Instagram pictures on your website or blog. That’s exactly what you get with Simply Instagram. This auto-play slideshow plugin can display your feed, your latest uploads, photos you like, trending photos or photos from those you interact with on Instagram. Customize the theme, decide what photo info will appear in the slideshow, or use the prettyPhoto function to include captions. Add a “follow” button for site visitors to connect with you on the social platform.