Imagine that one of your readers is totally captivated by the photos and information from your latest travel blog post about the best restaurants in Memphis. They live near Memphis, and many of the dishes that you’ve photographed are truly mouth-watering. Wouldn’t they love your blog even more if they could see exactly where those eateries were on a map? Now it’s easier than ever to improve your readers’ experiences through geo-tagging plugins that map locations and provide their geographic coordinates. Here are four popular WordPress geo-tagging plugins that are particularly useful for travel bloggers.

WP Google Map Plugin

The WordPress Google Map plugin is one of the most popular software tools that bloggers use to display geographical data about their posts and pages. The mapping features of this plugin are some of the most comprehensive available. Users can generate numerous maps and display them in standard, street and satellite views. The plugin also allows bloggers to display detailed and real-time information about the area such as the existence of bicycle paths and vehicle traffic patterns. Bloggers can be confidant that their readers can view the maps on most types of computing devices, and the plugin supports blogs that are written in multiple languages.

Open Street Map

The Open Street Map plugin uses the open source Wiki World Map to display selected locations and geo-tag information such as coordinates and addresses. Users of the Open Street Map plugin can link posts and pages to their associated locations on the provided maps. Digital photos taken via smartphones that are equipped with global positioning systems GPS often have embedded location information that is stored in EXIF files. Travel bloggers can display these pictures and their associated geographical information on maps when using the Open Street Map plugin.

Easy2Map Photos

Travel bloggers who want to show multiple photos of places where they have visited throughout their trips can easily encode the pictures with geographic data using the Easy2Map Photos plugin. The application allows users to upload one or multiple pictures and input location data for each photo. The location of the photo is displayed on a map, which can be sized to fit within the layouts of blogs and websites. Users of Easy2Map Photos can either select locations via the application’s drag-and-drop feature or input GPS coordinates.

My Geo Position is a WordPress-compatible application that allows bloggers to easily display a location on a map for readers. In addition to showing the location on a map, the plugin provides readers with the location’s full address, associated district and country information. The application captures other geographic identifiers for targeted locations such as latitudes, longitudes and elevation. Generation of geo-tags within My Geo Position is automated, and the software is designed to capture and display geographical data for any address in the world. My Geo Position improves upon the features of Google Maps because it offers more accurate map depictions of rural addresses.